Our lightly fruity Emmental is the ideal cheese for all your dishes.


Sliced for your sandwiches or grated on a pasta, our Emmental provides freedom for your culinary creativity.


Emmental block is available in 2,5kg or 3kg.

Don’t hesitate to contact us (info@schoeps.be) to get a quotation and sample.


We stay at your disposal for all additional information.



Grated Goat Cheese

“It’s typical aroma and tender taste will make you melt”


Schoeps is delighted to announce its newly launched product: Grated goat cheese.


A summer salad with a gentle taste of 100% goat cheese, a melting cheese for croquets or on top of a toast. A cheese mix for your pizza, lasagne or grilled dishes…


Our grated goat cheese has unlimited possibilities for all your gastronomic ideas.

We can adjust the composition on demand and have different types of packaging available.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information through e-mail info@schoeps.be

or via phone on +32 (0) 64 26 56 56.